Elementary Schools
PS 121
Rachel Donnelly Principal

Improvisation, Creative Dramatics and Page to Stage


1st Graders with Vital TA Gabriel Royal


In our second year of partnership, Vital Teaching Artists Gabriel Royal, Wendy Luker and Kyle Dixon worked with the 1st and 2nd Grades of PS 121 in the Bronx to develop and implement 2 12-session residencies based in their Literacy curriculum. Students learned basic theatre vocabulary as well as character development and performance. Each residency culminated with an in class sharing. In the third grade, students divided into two teams. The performance teams worked with Teaching Artist Wendy Luker, to learn basic theatre skills, write scenes and monologues, and then rehearse, revise and perform plays based on Vitalís production of Peace Love and Cupcakes. The design teams worked with Designer Kyle Dixon to study scenic and costume design, explore rendering of original work, design and create backdrops for each of the plays and create costumes for the performers. The entire third grade also visited Vital to see a production and talk to the actors


1) Tableaux work around Dr. Seuss 2) 3rd Grade Teams revise their plays
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