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PS 199
(Louise Xerri, Principal)

Peace, Love, & Cupcakes The Musical

PAGE TO STAGE: Playwriting, Performance and Critique

Funding: Department of Cultural Affairs, City Council Member Helen Rosenthal

Peace, Love, & Cupcakes the Musical

At Vital, our original musicals begin with a treatment or bare bones description of what the story of the show will be. We then hand this treatment to a professional team of artists, including a lyricist, book writer, and composer. In partnership with PS 199, we also hand this treatment to their entire 2nd Grade for one of Vital's original family musicals. While the professional team at Vital works to write the script and music, the 2nd grade team at 199 is doing the same. Working with Teaching Artist Elise Reynard, students write original scripts and share their final performances with parents, friends, and Vital's creators. Students are able to compare their own writing and rehearsal process with that of the professional team by attending a tech rehearsal and performance in the theatre and sharing their thoughts in a talkback and Q&A. In 2013-2014 the 2nd Grade focused on working with Vital's 2014 production of Peace Love and Cupcakes by Carrie and Sheryl Berk and culminated in May with five original plays.

1) Actors performing their original plays 2 Set Design Team's Student Backdrop
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